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BD-Mark Apparel is one of the renowned faces in the garments sector of Bangladesh due to its quality consciousness and timeliness.


Our mission is to produce and provide quality services and un-innovative products for people.The management of the factory believes in the satisfaction of the external stakeholders.

A message from chairman

Welcome to BD-Mark Apparel LTD. I am humbled, dignified, privileged to welcome all of you to this composite business institute. BD-Mark Apparel LTD is going to keep footstep in international supply chain by its ongoing endeavor.

At this present competitive era, it gives me endless pleasure for being a part of global value chain. BD-Mark Apparel LTD is established as a textile industry, knit composite mill and garment industry. One of the main objectives of this business institute is to carry on business of manufacturing, marketing and export of all sorts of ready made garments. Moreover, the business plan is designed to do legally everything necessary and compatible in connection therewith. In addition, BD-Mark Apparel LTD is established to carry on the business as international and national garments buying agents house.

Today, I am deeply delighted to inform you that, BD-Mark Apparel LTD is set up on the aim to carry on business of garments related embroidery industry for making design and fashion of garments which will feed garments sector immensely.  The marketing and liaison office is planned to establish in Bangladesh and abroad by applying all the techniques of marketing and merchandising with dexterity.

Considering the importance of product diversification, BD-Mark Apparel LTD will manufacture various types of garments, jeans, shorts, trousers, shirt, all kinds of female wears, children wears and all kinds of wearing apparels and all categories of wool and its materials. To establish strong backward linkage we have plan to set up fabrics making factory, textile and bleaching, dyeing, printing, calendaring, merchandising and establish a dyeing, printing and finishing mills factory.

To achieve the fundamental goal,BD-Mark Apparel LTD is schematic to act as trader, indenting agent, clearing & forwarding agent, commission agent, importer, exporter, supplier, sole agent or distributor, dealer, retail seller, whole seller, courier service agent, shipping agent, air freight agent.

Finally, our aim is to grow our business as a nationally and internationally recognized business institute and serving the economy of Bangladesh. In this regard, I would like to quest the vigor of togetherness to exhort our betterment.

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